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  • Q. Do your self storage locations provide outside storage?

    A. Most of our self storage locations offer outside storage where you can store boats, RVs, trailers and cars.

  • Q. Do your self storage locations offer any discounts or run specials?

    A. Our pricing is very competitive and typically specials are not necessary. Based on availability, we do offer Military, Senior and Pre-Pay discounts.

  • Q. What type of security do your self storage locations provide?

    A. The types of security measures vary by location. We have Resident Managers living on-site at the majority of our locations. Most facilities have security cameras, fencing and lighting. For gated locations, access is limited to current tenants only.

  • Q. Why do I need insurance?

    A. While your items are in storage they are not covered by the storage location for loss or damage. We strongly recommend that all customers insure their items with an insurance company that specializes in insuring stored goods. Do not assume any existing policy will automatically cover your items in storage. Check with your insurance agent regarding your homeowners or renters policy coverage.

  • Q. What items cannot be stored?

    A. You cannot store any hazardous, toxic, or illegal items. Also, no food or perishable items can be stored in our spaces. If in doubt of what can be stored in our spaces, please ask the property manager. Examples of items that cannot be stored: Ammunitions, gasoline, paint thinner, propane, food, produce, plants, fireworks, etc.

  • Q. What are your methods of payment?

    A. We accept cash, checks and most major credit cards. Also, automatic payment plans and ACH payments are available.

  • Q. What are the hours of operation/access?

    A. The hours of operation vary by location.

  • Q. Do your self storage locations offer after-hours access?

    A. Depending on the location, with prior arrangements. There may be an additional monthly charge.

  • Q. Do your self storage locations supply locks?

    A. At most of our locations, we sell locks on-site or you may bring your own lock. We recommend disk locks or cylinder locks for added protection.

  • Q. Do your self storage locations offer climate controlled storage units?

    A. Yes. Some of our locations offer air conditioned and heated, climate controlled spaces.

  • Q. Can I store a vehicle? If so, what is required?

    A. Yes. But, the vehicle must be drivable and we need a copy of the registration or title and insurance on file.

  • Q. Do I have to rent for a certain number of months?

    A. No. Your lease is on a month-to-month basis with a minimum of one full month.

  • Q. Do your self storage locations sell packing materials?

    A. Yes, most of our self storage locations have packing and moving supplies for sale.

  • Q. Does it matter what types of boxes are used for storage?

    A. Use high quality moving boxes (sold at most locations) designed for your move as opposed to recycled grocery cartons.

  • Q. Do your self storage locations accept deliveries?

    A. We are glad to accept deliveries as long as we have your authorization on file. The type of deliveries accepted varies by location. Please call the location of your choice to discuss offerings.